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Month: March 2013

Prior Lake Mediation Attorneys

I Have To Attend An “ICMC” What Is That?

When couples get to divorce court, they find that they are required to attend various meetings. The meetings are labeled in terms that even the lawyers have trouble remembering. An ICMC stands for Initial Case Management Conference. It is a meeting. Plain and simple, you, your attorney, your spouse and that person’s attorney, go to …

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Child Support

I Want To Waive Child Support, Why Did The Judge Say No?

When parents enter into an agreement about their children and child support, the parents are surprised to find that they Court will not let them waive child support. The parents are surprised when the Court says; “no, you may not waive child support” and refuses to order their agreement. The parents believe that the agreement …

I Want To Waive Child Support, Why Did The Judge Say No? Read More »

Business Entity

Business Entities

At tax time, many lawyers or accountants are asked by self-employed people, whether they should incorporate or form some type of business entity. The reason many people form business corporations or business entities is that they wish to keep their business assets and personal assets separate. There are several business ownership options, such as a …

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