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Led by attorney Debra Julius, our lawyers are ready to help you navigate life’s changes. We have more than 27 years of experience. Each attorney has experience as a negotiator and a trial lawyer. Debra Julius has also been a Rule 114 mediator, early neutral evaluator (SENE & FENE).

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We’re experienced in divorce, and family law cases throughout Minnesota. We passionately provide legal advocacy for all types of complex family law issues.

Family Law

At Julius Law Offices we are Prior Lake family law attorneys that practice and help people with simple to complex family law problems and cases. Debra and Marsha have many years of trial experience and understand the intricacies involved in every case. No matter the case, it will be handled passionately, expertly, and efficiently.


Mediation is a process whereby a person, usually called a mediator or neutral facilitator, helps you and the other party come to an agreement. The agreement settles your case or settles almost all the disputed issues in your case. A mediator is not a substitute for a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.

Child Custody

They work with people in need of their expertise with custody evaluations, custody litigation, parenting time disputes, and child abuse cases. Over the last 18-20 years they have helped hundreds of clients with cases that have involved domestic abuse, alcoholism or drug additions, children with special needs and other complex custody and parenting time matters.

Property Settlements

Julius Law Offices helps people that are going through divorce, divide their property. There can be complex issues related to property division in divorce. Of concern to many people how to tell the difference between property acquired during the marriage and before the marriage that was co-mingled. The law can be complex in that area. We can help you understand the law and apply it to your particular case.

Parental Consultant

A Parental Consultant is a person that the parties agree will make decisions about parenting time and their children. When the parents cannot make joint decisions and they do not want to spend the money on a Court appearance, they hire someone to be the “judge”. A Parental Consultant or “PC” should be experienced or trained in child development, and family law. Debra Julius has worked as a parental consultant or PC for many years.

Parenting Time

When all forms of mediation do not work, the Court at times will ask the parties to seek the assistance of an outside evaluator. That person interviews the parents, the children, teachers, friends, family and makes recommendations to the Court, as to what kind of parenting schedule and division of parental duties would be in the children’s best interests. that person is referred to as a Custody and Parenting Time Evaluator. Debra has many years of experience as an evaluator.

Child Support

Parents usually want to support their children. Debra and Marsha can help you calculate what you should be collecting or what you should be paying for child support. Child support is mandatory and cannot be waived. You may at times reserve child support, but you cannot waive child support. Many times a man does not know he is a Father until he receives a letter from the County telling him he is named in a child support lawsuit.

Fathers Rights

What happens when you are not married and never were married to your child’s Mother? It is a rude awakening for many Fathers to find out that because they were not married to their child’s Mother, when the child was born, they have no automatic LEGAL RIGHTS to custody and parenting time with their child. The law does punish unmarried Fathers. The default under Minnesota paternity laws is the Mother has sole legal and sole physical custody of the child.

Restraining Order

It is unfortunate, but domestic violence does take place. Home is not always a safe place. The law allows for a victim of harassment or domestic violence, to get an order that requires the other person to stay away. If the order is violated, the Respondent may be prosecuted and jailed. OFP or HRO orders are temporary in nature and serve to keep the offending person away from the victim. There are times however, that the process can and has been abused.


What to expect from the Prior Lake family law attorneys at Julius Law Offices.

Debra is the reason I am where I am today. Deb was prepared and ready for the opposing attorney, she new what to do and I took her advice the entire process and everything worked out for me. I was so impressed with her in court it made me glad I had chosen her to represent me! Even the judge liked her. Today I have a new great job and a great new wonderful girlfriend. I do owe all of this to Deb. I will definitely recommend Deb to anyone I can. Thanks Deb!
Type of Case: Divorce
Over the last six years, I have learned more about the judicial system than one would expect to over a lifetime. One of the things I’ve learned is that the law is only as strong as the faith and trust we put behind it. My trust and strength came from my attorney, Deb Julius. Deb not only gave me the confidence to continue my fight, she also came through with results. So many attorneys today fight out of spite, greed, money and bitterness. When it came to my case, I felt Deb fought out of passion, morals, ethics, and heart. Deb Julius is one in a million. I couldn’t be more proud of m representation! Thank you, Deb!
Type of Case: Family Law

Meet Our Attorneys

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Debra Julius

Family Law

Debra opened the doors of Julius Law Offices in 1997. Debra primarily represents clients in family law proceedings, including divorce, separation, child custody, paternity, spousal maintenance and child support issues. In here spare time she cares for her horses, dogs, and cats.

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