Prior Lake Family Law Attorneys

At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake family law attorneys understand that every family law case is different; some may be resolved quickly, through minor mediation, while others require lengthy trials. Whatever your given situation is, rest assured that we are experienced in every facet of family law, and will adeptly determine what process will be necessary in order to achieve your desired resolution. No matter what your case requires, we can handle it with expertise and professionalism.

Our Prior Lake family law attorneys will assist in anything from uncontested divorce to intensive, complicated cases regarding child custody and sophisticated assets. We understand how emotional family matters often are, and we are here to will listen to your wants and needs, and assist you in navigating your legal scenario with minimal stress.

We Fight For Your Rights

As a certified Rule 114 mediator, experienced child custody evaluator, and a parenting consultant and expeditor, Prior Lake family law attorney Debra Julius is commonly utilized as a third party to help resolve custody disputes. Debra Julius is skilled in negotiation and mediation tactics, while also being notorious for fighting for her client’s rights. Her unmatched expertise and experience will help ensure a positive outcome for your mediation case.

Our Prior Lake family law attorneys pride themselves on being exceptionally open and honest with clients about all possible outcomes of their cases, regardless of how positive or negative the situation is. We seek to repair relationships to a functional status, especially when children are involved, but will continue to advocate in our client’s best interest until the very end. Additionally, we strive to draft comprehensive agreements between the parties so that tweaks and modifications are left to a minimum, alleviating future stress and strain for the parties involved.

Our Prior Lake family law attorneys also serve the following locations throughout Minnesota: Savage, Shakopee, Belle Plaine, Scott County, and Dakota County.


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