truths about mediaion

Truths About Mediation

1.TRUTH- Mediation is cheaper than litigation. Yes, if you use a good mediator, that is experienced in family law, you can and should save SUBSTANTIAL sums of money. It is far cheaper to spend a day or two in mediation, even with your attorney present, that in trial. 2.TRUTH- Mediated Agreements work – By coming […]

myths about mediation

Myths About Mediation

1. MYTH- A Mediator can be used instead of an attorney. Many people think they will “just skip a lawyer and go to a mediator instead”. Since a mediator cannot give you legal advice, the person that goes to a mediator without talking to their own attorney does not know what he/she is giving up. […]

Divorce & Life Insurance

Divorce & Life Insurance

Hello, periodically, we like to update our clients with legal news we think may affect them. ​Today I want to address the issue of life insurance on the other parent.  Some times parents or former spouses receiving spousal support, want the support payments to be guaranteed by life insurance.  Meaning, that if the parent or […]



We have all read or heard about the telephone number collection and email collection by the government.. Most people’s reaction falls into one of two camps; one says “so what, I have nothing to hide”, the other says “good grief, the government is spying on me.” The issue of the government spying on its citizens […]

Dog Bites Person

Dog Bites Person

Does Minnesota have a ‘one free dog bite’ rule? The answer is no. If a dog bites a person unprovoked, regardless of whether it is partially the person’s fault, the dog owner is responsible for the damages to the person. This is harsh, but is our law. What happens if your dog charges out of […]



The end of May is graduation time. Our college age children are now magically full adults and self-supporting. (Let’s hope, right?) In June, our high school children graduate from high school. Most are eighteen (18) years of age and are considered adults. Should parents be careful when celebrating the end of high school or college […]

Minnesota Same Sex Divorce Attorneys

Newly Defined Marriage

The law always changes. We like to think the law, is the law, but in fact, it is a constantly evolving set of rules, understandings, and ideas. The law reflects ourselves as we are and as we wish to be. On May 13th, Minnesota passed its “gay marriage” law. What that means, is that marriage, […]

DUI Testing

DWI, DUI Testing Out The Window?

Recently, the United States Supreme Court held in Missouri v McNeely, that police may not take blood samples from suspected DWI offenders in certain instances, without obtaining a search warrant before the test is administered. That would seem to mean that blood tests obtained after a DWI stop, without a search warrant may no longer […]

Boston Bomber

Is the Boston Bomber an enemy combatant or just a common criminal?

The tragedy of the Boston bombing left many legal pundits speculating about the prosecution of the remaining bombing suspect. Is the Boston Bomber an enemy combatant or just a common criminal? What should happen when someone from this Country carries out acts of war or terror, against persons or property in our own Country? Is […]

Home Insurance

Insurance For Rental Homes

With the housing market having been in the tank, home values underwater, and mortgages hard to obtain, many people have turned to renting their homes. They do so for many reasons, but a primary reason is that the homeowner is hoping the lost market value will come back soon. However, if you rent your home, […]