High-Asset Divorce

Prior Lake High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Couples with a high net worth and couples who are ending second marriages must be careful when selecting divorce lawyers. When the marital estate has complex assets, your attorney must have experience with complex property division.

At Julius Law Offices, we have the experience to accurately value and divide estates with sophisticated assets. Whether you need to protect high-asset property or property from a prior marriage, you can rely on the knowledge of our Prior Lake high net worth divorce attorneys. We can also help you enforceprenuptial agreements if you are divorcing.

Minnesota High Net Worth Divorce

We represent business owners, professionals and others with a high net worth. We also represent individuals who are divorcing for the second or third time. In these cases, nonmarital property from a prior marriage may need to be protected during property division.

Complex marital estates may include assets such as:

  • Businesses and professional practices
  • Stocks
  • Retirement plans/IRAs
  • Farmland/family farms
  • Cabins and lake property
  • Winter property, vacation/second homes
  • Nonmarital property from previous marriages

Our attorneys will thoroughly review your assets to ensure that they are valued correctly. We will argue for an equitable distribution that protects your interests. If there are disputes over marital versus nonmarital property, we can trace the ownership of the asset.

In addition to property division, a high-asset divorce must address spousal maintenance and child support when appropriate. When one individual has a higher income or net worth than the other party, it is important to balance the reasonable needs of the party receiving support with the income of the other. While the standard of living during the marriage may be a consideration, support for reasonable needs and expenses is more likely to be granted than support for expenses that are unnecessary. Every case is unique, however. It is best to discuss yours with one of our attorneys.


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