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Determining a child’s biological paternity and/or establishing legal paternity is a critical step for father and child. Both will be deprived of important rights until paternity is established.

Julius Law Offices provides representation to unmarried fathers and mothers in paternity actions. We understand that paternity can be a sensitive issue. Our lawyers treat all parties with respect as we work to prove or disprove paternity for our clients. Please discuss your case with one of our Prior Lake fathers’ rights attorneys to learn how we may assist you.

Establishing Legal Rights For Children & Parents

In Minnesota, an unwed father has no legal rights to his child even if he is named as the father on the birth certificate. Establishing legal rights to a child is fairly straightforward if the parents agree on paternity. If the mother and father acknowledge paternity by signing a recognition of parentage (ROP), a DNA test may not be necessary, depending on the circumstances of the case.

When the parents are not together or do not agree on the child’s paternity, either party may file a paternity suit. The mother can file a paternity suit to establish child support. Without a legal determination of paternity, a child will not have access to child support.

Unmarried fathers can file paternity suits to prove or disprove paternity. If they wish to establish rights to their children, fathers must prove paternity before they can file for child custody and parenting time. Men who believe they have been wrongfully named as a child’s father can also file a suit to disprove paternity.


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