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A major advantage of mediation is that it erases the stress of a formal trial and going before a judge during a family law case, thus increasing open communication between the parties. The intention behind mediation is not to pass judgement and place blame on one another, but to solve problems effectively. This generally creates a much more positive environment for families with children by allowing for much less tension between parents. Another upside of mediation is that it tends to cost much less money than traditional litigation. Typically, people spend less time and money on mediation than they do on traditional litigation.

Certified as a Rule 114 divorce mediator in the state of Minnesota, Prior Lake mediation attorney Debra Julius offers divorce mediation services for individuals and the court. She will also consult with individuals to advise them on the possibility of settling their case without the aid of a Prior Lake mediation attorney. Debra cannot, however, represent as both an attorney and divorce mediator on the same case.

What Is The Mediation Process?

Initially in mediation, the parties involved will meet with a neutral, experienced third party to discuss each person’s wants and needs regarding divorce, custody, and other family law issues. It’s important to remember that divorce mediators are not there to make the decisions for you, and have no authority to do so. They are simply there to assist the parties in reaching an amicable, positive agreement through honest discussion.

Each party will be given the chance to speak, then will participate in a joint discussion in hopes of reaching a mutual agreement. Additionally, the parties will be allowed time to have individual conversations with the mediator. The mediation is successfully concluded when both parties agree on a solution, but the agreement is nonbinding at that point in time. Following a joint decision, our attorneys can assist you in drafting a legally binding agreement, which will then be finalized by a judge.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the parties have the option of additional mediation or taking the case to trial.

Our Prior Lake mediation attorneys also serve the following locations throughout Minnesota: Savage, Shakopee, Belle Plaine, Scott County, and Dakota County.


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