Custody & Parenting Time Modifications

Prior Lake Support Modification Attorneys

While it is possible to modify some family law orders post-decree, it is not something you can do on your own. You need a lawyer to represent you.

Julius Law Offices provides skilled representation in Minnesota to people seeking and contesting family law modifications. We can assist you with modifications to spousal maintenance, parenting time and child support orders. Typically, the burden of proof lies with the party requesting the modification. Please speak with one of our Prior Lake support modification attorneys to learn about the options in your case.

Making Support And Parenting Time Work When Life Changes

Modifying a family court order requires a substantial change in circumstances of at least one party. For spousal maintenance, a substantial change may include financial circumstances such as one party’s income increasing or decreasing. A serious change in the health of one party may also be grounds for a modification.

To modify a parenting time schedule, the requested change must be in the best interests of the child. Parental relocation, an older child’s changing needs or wishes, or a change in the health of parent or child are common reasons for these modifications.

Child support may be modified if one party has a substantial increase or decrease in income, a cost of living change, increased health insurance costs for the child or extraordinary medical expenses for a child. You may terminate child support when the child reaches the age of emancipation (18) or graduates from high school. You must do this through the court; child support will not automatically terminate.


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