I Have To Attend An “ICMC” What Is That?


When couples get to divorce court, they find that they are required to attend various meetings. The meetings are labeled in terms that even the lawyers have trouble remembering.

An ICMC stands for Initial Case Management Conference. It is a meeting. Plain and simple, you, your attorney, your spouse and that person’s attorney, go to District Court. You will meet the Judge that is now your Judge until you are divorced. During this meeting, the Judge will ask your lawyer and you questions. The questions are designed to find out, what are the areas you and your spouse do not agree upon. After that information comes to light, the Court will inquire as to what type of ADR- ( here we go again) ( Alternative Dispute Resolution) method you would like to participate in with your spouse and attorney. You may attend an SENE or FENE or both. What??????

Yes, more letters standing for more meetings. The SENE and FENE are early neutral evaluations, one dealing with children and one dealing with money. S= social and F= financial. The person conducting these evaluations is an attorney, experienced in family law, such as our firm. That person will tell you, based upon his/her experiences, what will likely happen to you in Court.

Clear as mud right? Just know that the faster you attend the meetings, and the more you listen, the faster your divorce will be over. Good Luck.


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