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Even though a marriage is ending, parenting will still continue on indefinitely. An amicable, positive situation where the parents are working together is in everyone’s best interest, and we encourage this through assisting in creating a comprehensive plan for parenting time that caters to the needs of all parties involved.

At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake child custody attorneys advocate for resolution through negotiation and mediation, thus alleviating a great deal of stress for all parties. Coming to a resolution via these methods is considered favorable in the courts because judges tend to be impartial to signing off on mediated or negotiated agreements, rather than to making a ruling on their own. Our Prior Lake child custody attorneys strive to achieve a child custody agreement that works for everybody in your family.

We Will Help You Create A Comprehensive Parenting Plan

The state of Minnesota does not grant preference for mothers over fathers in custody cases, and the mediator and family court considers all facets of each case, including the non-binding social early neutral evaluation (SENE).

Sole custody, joint custody, primary physical custody, and joint physical custody are all potential outcomes in a child custody case. Joint custody will not necessarily be divided 50/50, dependant upon what the parents work out in the parenting time agreement. It is also important to consider that as children grow, modifying parenting time may be necessary.

At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake child custody attorneys have unmatched experience with all varieties of custody situations. Attorney Debra Julius is highly regarded by family courts and individuals as a third party mediator, and has extensive experience in this area. She is a certified Rule 114 mediator, has experience as a guardian ad litem and child custody evaluator, and a parenting authority and expeditor. Debra also has an undergraduate degree in psychology and counseling, allowing her a deeper insight into mental health and chemical abuse issues. This level of understanding can be of great value in complex custody situations.

Our Prior Lake child custody attorneys also serve the following locations throughout Minnesota: Savage, Shakopee, Belle Plaine, Scott County, and Dakota County.


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