Prior Lake Child Support Attorneys

The Minnesota child support guidelines contain a formula that is based in part on the amount of parenting time each parent has with the child. While the court typically relies on this formula, parents can agree to a different amount of support without using the formula. In special circumstances, a parent may argue for deviation from the guidelines.

Whether your child support case is straightforward or complex, you may want to discuss it with a lawyer before signing an agreement. Receiving adequate financial support is essential to a child’s health and development. At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake child support attorneys have the experience to ensure that your child receives the right amount of child support and that you are paying an amount that is fair.

The child support formula is based on each party’s percentage of parenting time. This is primarily the number of overnights with the child: from zero to 10, 10.1 to 45, and 45.1 and higher. Additional factors include:

  • The income of each parent
  • Health care and child care expenses
  • The number of joint children
  • The number of other children
  • Spousal maintenance awards

Failure to pay court-ordered child support may result in contempt charges. If you do not pay child support, you can lose your driver’s license, professional licenses and passport. Your account may be turned over to a collection agency. We can represent either side in contempt and enforcement cases.

In addition, we can assist people with reformation. If you have had trouble paying child support or have had financial problems, we can help you improve your financial image before requesting a child support modification.


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