Julius Law Offices provides a range of Minnesota family law services. We pride ourselves in exceptional representation in divorce, mediation and child custody. We seek to successfully negotiate positive solutions when possible, but are willing and able to go to trial to fight for your rights whenever necessary.

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Family Law

Julius & White Law understands that family law cases can vary greatly with some being resolved quickly and easily, with others requiring drawn-out trials. No matter what your situation, we have years of experience in all facets of family law, and will help you decide what route will be best to achieve your desired results. We know how emotional family matters can be, so we’re here to will listen to what you want and need out of the process, and to help minimize the stress of the situation.

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Child Custody

With child custody, an amicable, positive scenario with the parents working together is always in everyone’s best interest, so we encourage this by assisting in creating a strong plan for parenting time that does its best to cater to the needs of all invested parties. Minnesota does not give preference to mothers over fathers in custody cases, thusly the mediator and/or family court will consider every facet of each case. We help make this difficult process as easy and painless as possible.

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Minnesota is a “no-fault” state when it comes to divorce, which means that citing irreconcilable differences as your reason is sufficient. Divorce is an emotional situation for everyone involved, and at Julius & Shaughnessy we strive to make the process as easy and successful as can be. We’ll learn about your needs and goals so we can establish strong case strategy. Our Prior Lake divorce attorneys are well-versed in negotiations as well as in trials, and we are prepared to fight for you no matter the route that needs to be taken.

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At the beginning of mediation, involved parties will meet with a neutral, knowledgeable third party to examine each person’s wants/needs regarding divorce terms, custody details, and various other family law issues. Mediators aren’t  there to make any decisions for you, nor do they have the authority to do so; they’re solely there to assist with in reaching amicable, positive results through honest discussions.

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