Truths About Mediation


1.TRUTH- Mediation is cheaper than litigation. Yes, if you use a good mediator, that is experienced in family law, you can and should save SUBSTANTIAL sums of money. It is far cheaper to spend a day or two in mediation, even with your attorney present, that in trial.
2.TRUTH- Mediated Agreements work – By coming to an agreement yourself, rather than having a Judge decide your case for you, you have allowed yourself to be in charge of your own life. An agreement that you make, with your partner, is usually going to work and keep working far longer than an order someone else makes that does not even know you.
3.TRUTH- Mediation can and does let you control the outcome. A good mediator is one that facilitates you and your partner to come to an agreement that fits your own family, not the Judges family, the mediator’s family or your lawyer’s family.


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