The end of May is graduation time. Our college age children are now magically full adults and self-supporting. (Let’s hope, right?) In June, our high school children graduate from high school. Most are eighteen (18) years of age and are considered adults. Should parents be careful when celebrating the end of high school or college for their children?

In most instances, in Minnesota, when a person reaches the age of (18), that person is legally considered an adult. Whether or not they really are, is another question. The legal fact is, eighteen (18) is the age of adulthood in Minnesota. However, the State believes that only persons age (21) and older are old enough to drink liquor. So, (18) is not full adulthood.

What happens when the parents of an “adult” host a party and allow the adults at the party, to consume alcohol? Many times parents believe that they should allow the young adults (under age 21) to drink at home, rather than drink outside their home.

However, could the host of the part, be held responsible for the actions of the adults after drinking at their home. The answer is, in many instances yes. It is not a good idea for any parent to host and serve liquor to any “adult” that is under the age of (21). The host is committing an illegal act when doing so. The other thing the adult is doing is greatly increasing his/her exposure to damages if that under age (21) person causes harm to another person, and alcohol was the reason or the cause for the harm.

So, it is fund to celebrate and we should, but remember, the kids are adults at age (18) and real adults at age (21).


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