Immigration Child Support

Immigration & Financial Support

What happens if a person living in Minnesota, who is a legal resident alien, gets divorced within 10 years from the date the spouse executed the Immigration Sponsor forms? Does the sponsor have to provide financial support for the immigrant because of their promise to the government? The short answer is usually yes. When a

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Overtime & Child Support
Child Support

Is Overtime Included In Calculating Child Support?

Like so many issues in the law, the answer is- “It depends”. The general rule is that if overtime income is voluntary and not a condition of employment, the overtime income deleted from the support calculation. The answer seems clear-cut and easy enough. The problem is that many workers with over time incomes have worked

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Contempt of Court
Child Support

Contempt Of Court For Nonpayment Of Child Support

What happens if a person living in Minnesota, who is not a legal resident, has a child support order entered against him or her and does not pay the child support? May the Family Court hold that person in civil contempt and then order as a condition for staying out of jail, that the undocumented

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, FENE, & SENE

What is all of this? All of the above titles refer to a “neutral” process. The neutral process is designed to help people in divorce or custody matters, finds a way to settle their case, without having the Court decide the case. Why do you want to avoid having the Court decide your case? The

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