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Because Minnesota is a “no-fault” divorce state, citing “irreconcilable differences” is all the courts require the given parties to cite as cause for a divorce.

Our Scott County divorce attorneys understand that divorce is a difficult situation, so we try to make the process as easy, straightforward and successful as we can for our clients. We do this through getting to know you and your goals for your divorce, which allows us to build an effective case strategy.

With extensive experience in negotiation and litigation, our Scott County divorce attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights, regardless of the route that needs to be taken.

A Trial May Not Be Necessary

Our Scott County divorce attorneys want you to be educated on the process of divorce. In Minnesota, a legal separation is not required prior to filing for divorce. Mediation and third-party evaluations are a terrific opportunity for the parties to resolve a divorce settlement without having to go to trial. Mediation is a requirement in the event of a contested divorce, however. Minnesota requires a financial early neutral evaluation (FENE) of the marital estate for all impending divorces, as well as a social early neutral evaluation (SENE) if the couple has children. The FENE and SENE evaluations are not the only thing that will be looked at, but they may be taken into consideration in court.

Mediation gives the parties the chance to reach an affable agreement without the additional stress of a trial. When a trial is brought into the mix, the fate of your children and assets is left to a complete stranger who knows nothing about you. Additionally, family law judges generally prefer to finalize an agreement drafted by the parties involved, rather than draw upon their minimal knowledge and be tasked with making life-altering decisions for families.

Our Scott County divorce attorneys will be there for you, fighting for your rights every step of your divorce.


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