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Minnesota is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means that all the courts require for a divorce is one party citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause.

Emotions run high in a divorce, and our Savage divorce attorneys strive to make the process as simple, straightforward and successful as possible for our clients. We are dedicated to learning your needs and goals for your divorce, allowing us to establish a strong case strategy for a positive outcome.

Our Savage divorce attorneys are experienced in both negotiation and litigation, and we are ready to fight for you regardless of the route that needs to be taken.

A Trial May Not Be Necessary

At Julius Law Offices, our Savage divorce attorneys want you to be fully informed on how the divorce process works. In Minnesota, a legal separation is not required prior to filing for divorce. It is also important to keep in mind that mediation and third-party evaluations provide strong opportunities to resolve a divorce settlement without the need for a trial. Minnesota requires a financial early neutral evaluation (FENE) of the marital estate for all impending divorces, as well as a social early neutral evaluation (SENE) if the couple has children. The FENE and SENE are not concrete, but they may be taken into consideration in court. Mediation is also a requirement in all contested divorces.

Mediation allows the opportunity for families to reach a cordial agreement without the stress of going to trial. When a trial is involved, the fate of your children and assets is left to someone who knows little to nothing about your life or family. It’s important to note that generally family law judges prefer to finalize an agreement drafted by the parties involved, rather than draw upon their minimal knowledge and make life-altering decisions.

You will have the support of our Savage divorce attorneys every step of the way through your legal process, and we will help ensure the protection of your rights in all matters.


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