Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, FENE, & SENE


What is all of this?

All of the above titles refer to a “neutral” process. The neutral process is designed to help people in divorce or custody matters, finds a way to settle their case, without having the Court decide the case.

Why do you want to avoid having the Court decide your case? The biggest reason is the court does not want to decide your case. That should be reason enough. Why would you want a person that does not want to decide how your children will live or your money will be spent, making those decisions????

Because the Judge really does not wish to decide your case, and most people are happier when they decide their own cases, various processes have been developed over the years to help people come to an agreement concerning their divorce or custody matter.

All of these alternative processes are lumped under the category Alternative Dispute Resolution. (ADR) The first and foremost alternative process is called: Mediation.

Mediation – Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of Court require parties to a law suit to attempt to settle their case in mediation. In mediation the neutral, in this case Deb Julius, works with you and the other party, to come to an agreement that resolves your issues. Mediation involves compromise. It involves hearing the other person out and letting them talk. You may have your attorney with you when you come to mediation.
Mediation is private. Whatever is said in mediation will stay in mediation. So, you can be honest and yourself. Mediation is something most everyone should try. Why? Because it is cheaper and tailored to your needs.


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