Prior Lake Will & Trust Attorneys

Prior Lake Will & Trust Attorneys

Planning for your family’s future is imperative, and a positive step to securing their future is through drafting a will. Without one, in the case of your passing, your family is not legally allowed to divide and distribute your assets, and if you leave behind minor children, their guardianship is left up to the courts. During a time of grief for your family, additional stress is the last thing you want for them.

At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake will & trust attorneys strive to assist you in making the best estate planning decisions for you and your family’s future. Considering what will happen when you die is an overwhelming, stressful thing, so we want to help make it as easy as possible. We will discuss all of your options and their outcomes with you, ensuring that you have all of the information necessary to make these vital decisions.

How A Will Protects Your Family

Wills can vary a great deal in their specificity, so whether you have businesses, financial assets, and property that you’re leaving behind, or a small amount of money to divvy up, our Prior Lake will & trust attorneys are here to help. You choose the beneficiaries and the executor or personal representative who will oversee the distribution of the estate. During this process, you can choose the legal guardian for any minor children and create trusts for them as well.

Benefits Of Creating A Trust

At times, a trust can be a more beneficial manner in which to transfer assets. In creating a trust, you give up a the legal ownership of the assets in question. The benefit here is that it passes outside of a probate, and also gives you firmer control over how the assets are handled after your passing.

A trust can be used for almost any purpose, regardless of how simple or complex. They are ideal for minor children, special needs children and adults, real property, homes, family businesses, charitable organizations, and life insurance policies.

At Julius Law Offices, our Prior Lake will & trust attorneys offer a flat fee to create a will, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives for individuals and couples. Flat fees may also be available for other facets of Minnesota estate planning needs.

Our Prior Lake will & trust attorneys also serve the following locations throughout Minnesota: Savage, Shakopee, Belle Plaine, Scott County, and Dakota County.


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