Prior Lake Estate Planning Attorneys

Prior Lake Estate Planning Attorneys

Prior Lake Estate Planning Attorneys

An estate plan is a critical matter, due to the importance of the matters involved. Regardless of your age and health status, it’s imperative to consider what would happen were you to be incapacitated or die suddenly. Ensuring proper care is in line for your children and that your assets are protected should be a priority, and our Prior Lake estate planning attorneys are here to assist you in drafting a custom estate plan to set your mind at ease.

No matter the size of your estate, drafting a will, powers of attorney and other documents is crucial to the future of your loved ones. Our Prior Lake estate planning attorneys are proud to offer estate planning services to individuals, couples and families of all walks of life throughout the state of Minnesota. Wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives are offered at a flat rate, and may also be offered for additional estate planning services as well.

What Does Estate Planning Entail?

Our Prior Lake estate planning attorneys begin the estate planning process with an in-depth discussions with our clients regarding their needs and goals, and ensure that the client is aware of the pros and cons of each available option. Numerous options exist concerning asset protection and distribution, health care decisions, and end-of-life care. We will then begin to draft a will, where we’ll cover powers of attorney and health care decisions, while also tackling other needs–such as trusts–as necessary. Trust are important to protect assets for minors, and those with special needs, and can also be useful in regards to the transfer of property, family business, and other complex assets. We will also ensure that all financial accounts and insurance policies match what is in the will, so as to alleviate any confusion between loved ones when the time comes to bring your wishes to fruition.

Our Prior Lake estate planning attorneys also serve the following locations throughout Minnesota: Savage, Shakopee, Belle Plaine, Scott County, and Dakota County.


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