Social/Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

Social Early Neutral Evaluation – SENE

One of the tools that works well is for the parties and their attorneys to all meet with a Rule 114 Neutral. That person is approved by the Court. Both Debra Julius and Roxanne Shaughnessy are approved ENE or early neutral evaluators. They do social early neutral evaluations (SENE). SENE’s are meetings held at their office with the parties and their attorneys. Debra or Roxanne listens to each side, asks questions, reviews documents the parties wish them to read and then tells the parties their opinion of the case. An early neutral evaluation (ENE) is just that, an early evaluation of the case, given to the parties and their attorneys. Why do this? The ENE evaluator is an experienced family law attorney, that has tried and litigated many cases. By hearing what the SENE evaluator thinks will happen in Court, you, the parent, can make an informed and intelligent decision as to how to proceed in your case. A good ENE or SENE neutral can and does, assist people in settling their case.


A financial early neutral evaluation (FENE), assists people in understanding the legal issues surrounding their property settlement and support matters. they also give the parties and idea of how the Court will rule. By learning from an experienced and approved FENE, evaluator, what the Court will likely think bout your case, you can save thousands of dollars in litigation costs.Both Debra Julius and Roxanne Shaughnessy are Court approved Financial Early Neutral Evaluators.


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