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Is your email really private?

Is your office email private? No. It is possible for your employer to read your email? Yes. If you email your lawyer a confidential fact, could a court order your employer to divulge that email? Yes. Your email at work is not private email. Just as your employer may go through your desk at any […]

I Have To Attend An “ICMC” What Is That?

When couples get to divorce court, they find that they are required to attend various meetings. The meetings are labeled in terms that even the lawyers have trouble remembering. An ICMC stands for Initial Case Management Conference. It is a meeting. Plain and simple, you, your attorney, your spouse and that person’s attorney, go to […]

May I Divorce My Spouse Who Is In The Service?

The short answer is no. During World War II the United States enacted a federal law to prevent the soldier from being divorce while in the service. The law was called the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Relief Act of 1940. Congress felt the service members fighting in World War II, did not need the emotional upset […]

What Is A Custody Evaluation?

If the parents cannot decide how to share parental duties, the Court may appoint a third party, to conduct a custody evaluation. That person, may be a lawyer, social worker, psychologist or guardian ad litem (acting as an evaluator) or other such “expert”. The evaluator will meet with you, your children and your spouse. The […]

Business Entities Part 2

Last week we looked at forming a business entity. When a business is formed that business owes various duties and obligations to its employees, the public and the government. Some things to watch out for are: 1. Make sure that you pay all the State registration fees. If you do not, your entity may be […]

How Could You Represent That Jerk?

We often hear that question. Why do good lawyers represent bad people? The reason they do is to protect all of our rights. What would happen if we had legal protections for only “nice” people? Every school child knows, the accused does not have to say anything to the police, the prosecutor or the court. […]

Business Entities

At tax time, many lawyers or accountants are asked by self-employed people, whether they should incorporate or form some type of business entity. The reason many people form business corporations or business entities is that they wish to keep their business assets and personal assets separate. There are several business ownership options, such as a […]

Where Should I File My Divorce?

The wife lives in Burnsville. The husband lives in Minneapolis. Burnsville is located in Dakota County. Minneapolis is located in Hennepin County. Where should the parties divorce be venued? Venue is location. A divorce must be filed in a County where one of the litigants lives or resides. Therefore, in this case, the divorce could […]